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    dbRadar is a tool for the administration, monitoring and development of a variety of Databases.

     It is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. dbRadar competes very favorably with products such as TOAD from Quest Software and NORAD from Bradmark, but at a fraction of the price.


      Have a bug ?   Our first level of software architects will fix any problems here.

DataArchitect first steps video presentation

           We have launched first video from a serie that will target DataArchitect usage and fe     more details ...

DataArchitect version 4.3 now available

   We are very pleased to announce the release of DataArchitect 4.3. What's new and updated in this version 4.3 Upgraded en     more details ...

    Byte Anywhere is a provider of data modeling, presentation and integration software. Using Byte Anywhere products, companies can access, integrate and visualize their enterprise information.
    We are commited to help customers leverage their bussines on multiple platforms with lowest costs and higher productivity.