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DataArchitect first steps video presentation

           We have launched first video from a serie that will target
DataArchitect usage and feature presentation.

      The video can be seen here:

DataArchitect version 4.3 now available

   We are very pleased to announce the release of DataArchitect 4.3.

What's new and updated in this version 4.3
  • Upgraded engine to Qt.4.8.0
  • Faster object movement in the diagrams, especially on OSX
  • SVG suport
  • Crash Reports automaticaly submited
  • Updater implemented
  • iODBC included on linux/Unix platforms
  • setup available to switch between builds
  • Faster SQL execution by using binding during reverse engineering
  • use iODBC unicode on OSX 10.5 and above
  • added sample models for all supported databases
  • Import firebird domains
  • Many fixes across all the plugins.

  This release supports 11 platforms and is a major product update, with many new and exciting features.

Strategic alliance with TheKompany

    ByteAnywhere has signed a strategic alliance with TheKompany , to support future development and co-own DataArchitect, additionally to our resell agreement. 
   This alliance will bring on the market the version 4.3 of  DataArchitect, a product almost entirely rewritten in order to be upgraded to latest technologies.
   The new release is planned to be out in next months.

DataArchitect version 4.2 is now available

ByteAnywhere, the provider of data modeling, presentation and integration software, is very pleased to announce the release of  DataArchitect 4.2

Data Architect is an emerging enterprise tool for designing databases and working with SQL statements at all levels of an organization. With 10 supported platforms, including: Linux (32, 64 bit and PowerPC), Solaris(Intel and Sparc), Windows (32 and 64 bit), HP-UX and Mac OS X( Intel and PowerPC)  and 9 databases: Oracle, ODBC, SQL92, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, FireBird, MS SQL, SQLBase, DataArchitect becomes the de facto tool in designing databases across platforms and  databases.

Major Features:
* Workspace/Project oriented environment
* ERD centric data modeling
* Logical Data Model
* Physical Data Model (Oracle, ODBC, SQL92, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, FireBird, MS SQL, SQLBase)
* model panner ('birds eye view')
* quick find and navigation from output window
* model validation
* full documentation capabilities
* integrated Advanced SQL Editor with syntax highlighting
* save/load SQL sessions
* integrated ODBC
* multi-platform (Linux,Windows XP, Solaris, HP-UX and OSX)
* open file format (XML)
* DBMS specific features such as data types and SQL syntax
* reverse engineer existing databases
* generate create-scripts
* print model
* print data dictionary
* liberal use of tool-tips to help Users
* integrated Team Diagram (general purpose diagramming)
* supports table inheritance
* supports; table, view, domain, sequence, procedure, and more

DBMS's supported;
* generic using ODBC
* generic using SQL92
* PostgreSQL
* DB2
* InterBase/FireBird
* Gupta SQLBase
* Oracle

What's new and updated in this  version 4.2

   * Full UNICODE support

   * Advanced SQL Editor:
       threaded queries
       sql bindings for manipulating large objects
       query cancel : to stop long running queries
       transaction support

   * Improved workspace and project behaviour

   * tksql:
       UNICODE support
       history for executed statements
       transaction support
       various fixes

   * many fixes for the reported issues


Support packages are updated to version 1.6-100305

In order to support all new linux platforms we have updated our support packages to version 1.6-100305.  This solves all problems in running DataArchitect on Fedora Core 12 and other new linux releases.

   The following packages are available:


  You can download them for FREE from:

Our Forum and Online Bug Reports are launched

We are very pleased to announce that our FORUM and Online Bug Reports are

      There are various arias which our team of specialists will try to give answers to your questions.

1.       DataArchitect
2.       dbRadar
3.       Kobol
4.       Oracle Administration
5.       MySQL Administration
6.       DB2 Administration
7.       SQL Server Administration
8.       PostgreSQL Administration
9.       FireBird Administration
10.   Linux Administration
11.   Unix Administration

    You can use our online bug reporting system to tell us about the bug. This is the fastest and the easiest way to let us know about it, and to provide us with the needed information to fix it as quickly as possible.

Support packages are updated to version 1.6-090630

  In order to support all new linux platforms we have updated our support packages to version 1.6-090630.  This solves all problems in running DataArchitect on Fedora Core 11 and other new linux releases.

   The following packages are available:


  You can download them for FREE from:

DataArchitect version 4.1 is now available

    We are very pleased to announce that version 4.1 of DataArchitect is now available.

Here are the MAIN features:
       - commercial plugins (DB2, Oracle, SQLBase and SQL Server)  are packaged in the demo releases.
      - paint engine was redesigned. This solved a performance isssue on OSX.
      - fixed icon appearance for OSX Intel and Solaris Sparc
      - improved look and feel
      - improved error logging, including stack tracing.
      - added support for windows 64 bit all versions
      - added Vista support
      - added support for linux on PowerPC 32 bit
      - added support for SQLBase 11.5
      - added triggers and user defined functions on Firebird
      - generate primary/unique/foreign keys attached to table definition
        or external based on preferences
      - allow foreign keys to reference tables with unique keys
      - bug fixes on all models supported

How to setup DB2 odbc driver to work with DataArchitect ?

    If you want to find the answer to that question, read out our new article

DataArchitect online manual

  ByteAnywhere is releasing the online version of DataArchitect
   You can browse it from here:

First FAQ was added - building the ODBC PostgreSQL driver!

   In order to help our customers, we added the steps in order to build the PostgreSQL ODBC driver for OSX. We will try to add as many notes
as we can for all platforms and all the databases we support.

You can find all the details here:

Byte Anywhere is launching

    We have worked hard to put Byte Anywhere on the road.
    After many months of hard work we are finally here and we are glad about it.
    Please stay tuned , many new and interesting things are coming.