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Data Architect

version 4.3 - 195 euro

    Discover what database professionals have known for years -- that enterprise databases are designed with enterprise modelling tools. Why has this been a secret for so many? Why do so many labor with buckets full of error-prone undocumented SQL? Well, it seems no one has been able to pack the features of a quality data modelling tool into a product at a reasonable price -- not until now.

   Ever wanted a Database Design Tool or SQL Editor integrated ? Or wanted to run on more than one platform ? You came to the right place.  we support 11 OS platforms and have sql editing and database designing tight integrated.

    Data Architect is the emerging enterprise tool for designing databases at all levels of an organization, using the same concepts found in tools costing thousands of dollars!

  Its a powerful database design tool, with advanced SQL Editor,  and support for all major RDBMS, that can design complex systems.

      Online documentation is found here:

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Data Architect

PlugIns: All plugins ( 150 euro ) | DB2 ( 55 euro ) | Oracle ( 75 euro ) | SQL Base ( 35 euro ) | SQL Server ( 75 euro )



  • Workspace/Project oriented environment
  • ERD centric data modelling
  • Logical Data Model
  • Physical Data Model.  Supports the following databases:

                        commercial:  Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and SQL Base

                        open source: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firefird

                        any ODBC compliant: SQL92, ODBC

  • model panner ('birds eye view')
  • quick find and navigation from output window
  • model validation
  • full documentation capabilities
  • integrated Advanced SQL Editor with syntax highlighting
  • save/load SQL sessions
  • integrated ODBC
  • open file format (XML)
  • DBMS specific features such as data types and SQL syntax
  • reverse engineer existing databases
  • generate create-scripts
  • print model
  • print data dictionary
  • liberal use of tool-tips to help Users
  • integrated Team Diagram (general purpose diagramming)
  • Dynamically drop/add keys and linked indexes
  • Dynamically add foreign keys on tables
  • supports table inheritance
  • supports: table, view, domain, sequence, procedure, and more
  • Multi-platform 

                   Linux on Intel (32 and 64 bit) and PowerPC (32 bit)

                   Windows on Intel (32 and 64 bit) all versions, including Vista

                   Solaris on Sparc and Intel (32 and 64 bit)

                   OSX on PowerPC and Intel (32 bit universal format package)

  • Features in Version 4.3:

    • Upgraded engine to Qt.4.8.0
    • Faster object movement in the diagrams, especially on OSX
    • SVG suport
    • Crash Reports automaticaly submited
    • Updater implemented
    • iODBC included on linux/Unix platforms
    • setup available to switch between builds
    • Faster SQL execution by using binding during reverse engineering
    • use iODBC unicode on OSX 10.5 and above
    • added sample models for all supported databases
    • Import firebird domains

    Image Gallery

    SQL Editor on Windows

    SQL Project on Windows

    SQL Editor with binding on Windows

    SQL Editor on Windows

    Logical Model on Windows

    Physical Model on Linux

    Manual on Linux

    Import data on Linux

    Database create on Linux

    SQL Editor on OSX

    Logical Model on OSX

    Physical Model on OSX

    SQL Editor on Solaris

    Logical Model on Solaris

    Physical Model on Solaris

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